About Us

Ecoscience Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (EST) has been incorporated to provide renewable energy solutions for various industrial applications.

Ecoscience Technologies Sdn. Bhd.


Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

Being the technology partner of Econotherm UK Ltd, a leading UK based technology provider of waste heat recovery (WHR) systems, we provide WHR solutions using heat pipe technology to our clients that operate in a wide array of applications ranging from clean to highly corrosive and contaminated exhaust waste.

Recovering the Irrecoverable - Many opportunities for real cost savings are being missed in the industrial sector today due to the perception that certain types of waste heat impossible to recover. We provide zero risk waste heat recovery solutions for industrial users wishing to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

Non Chemical Water Treatment

Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) Treatment

With the increasing demand of high performance green technology, EST provides non-chemical water treatment solutions by utilizing Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) wave treatment. Our non-chemical water treatment system provides an all rounded treatment solution for scaling, corrosion and biological control for both cooling towers, chilled water and gas-fired boiler systems.

All our products and services are designed for fuel savings, kWh savings, water savings and environmentally responsive green house emission savings. We pride ourselves in providing the best energy saving initiatives and innovative technologies in Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia.


To be the market leader in providing waste heat recovery and industrial water treatment solutions with patented green technology for long-term growth and environmental sustainability.


To develop, manufacture, and distribution of custom solutions for waste heat utilization and recovery for businesses using heat pipe technology and to provide an environmentally friendly approach to water treatment with the best available technology (BAT) in the market.